The year is nearing it's end and 2010 was a great one.  Let's all take a look back on all the wonderfully juicy news that captivated our attention as we stood in line at the grocery stores and scanned the covers of the gossip magazines. And incase that isn't your favorite part of grocery shopping like it is mine, this article may be more gossip than you can handle in one sitting so be sure to take intermittent breaks upon over stimulation.

When it came to celebrity scandals, 2010 had its fair share of zingers. From adulterous golfers to adulterous soccer players to adulterous motorcycle builders... well, a lot of famous people cheated. But it wasn't all sordid hookups, secret babies and embarrassing fake-relationship publicity stunts. There was also the creepiest Bachelor ever! Join us as we count down the 20 most scandalous celebrity love and sex stories of 2010.
Top 20 Love And Sex Scandals Of 2010