Are you going to be stuck at a relatives house without anything to do this Thanksgiving? All you need is access to a computer and these five free online games will keep you occupied all the way through to Black Friday.

Frog Fractions - It is a simple game similar to Missile Defense except with a frog instead of a missile defense system. The more fruit you save, the more upgrades you can purchase. I would go into detail about the hilariously great upgrades but that's the fun of the game.

Burrito Bison Revenge - Similar to Angry Birds in so many wayd yet still completely original. You launch your Bison at gummy bears and squash them beneath its might. It is surprisingly addictive when you try to beat your past scores and squash even more gummies. the better you do the more money you make allowing you to purchase upgrades.

Dale and Peakot - This cute platformer is a mix between Mario, retro Duke Nukem, and Rayman: Origins. You simultaneously control a farmer with a shotgun and his flying chicken. Oh, and the flying chicken can release energy bursts. The game has a story mode which will last you at least a couple of hours. Don't worry if you have to break for dinner, you can save your progress and come back when your relatives are sleeping off the turkey dinner.

Rebuild - Rebuild is a zombie survival game that takes elements of RPG games, tower defense games, and real time strategy games. It is surprisingly deep and will have you immersed within minutes. The nice part is that you can play the game while being distracted by other things because there isn't a time on your decisions. It's exciting when you survive the night and it's devastating when you lose a survivor to a hungry zombie.

Online Cards Against Humanity - If you have played the game you know exactly why it's so great. If you haven't, it's basically an adult version of Apples to Apples. This online version is pretty fun because it pairs you up with strangers and even allows chat during the games.