Here's some more great information from Dr. Shannon - my vet at Valley View Vet here in Bozeman!  Ever wonder how you can be a little more Eco Friends with your pets?  She's got your answer!
9 Ways to Go Green with Your Pet- ideas for being a more eco-conscious pet owner
1. Adopt from a shelter. Buying a pet creates more demand and shelters are already overflowing with homeless pets.
2. Spay or neuter your pet. Prevent more homeless pets.
3. Repurpose what you own. Old blankets, towels and pillows can become a new dog bed. Lonely socks can be new catnip toys. Be creative!
4. Turn poop green. A lot of pet waste ends up in landfills where it is perfectly preserved in plastic bags. Scoop poop often (to prevent runoff into water systems) and use biodegradable containers.
5. Protect plants and wildlife. Clean up after your pet and don't let them chase the wild animals.
6. Shop for recycled (and local) pet toys and accessories.
7. Use natural products. Clean up messes and accidents with one of the many natural cleaning products available. (You still need to check labels for pet safety however.)
8. Make your own treats. Grow catnip or cat grass. Toss your dog a carrot or green bean for a snack.
9. Go digital. Ask you veterinarian about microchipping. It can make identifying your pet easier and reduce the number of  paper flyers and sleepless nights.