You may recall that last year during Cat/Griz - a challenge was issued by Missoula's  "Tallest DJ in America" Aaron Traylor (from our sister stations in Missoula), to one of our favorite Bozeman DJ's, Greg Delgado aka DJ Bones.  The challenge was to "battle" it out to see which location had the best live DJ.  Well, it didn't go over well.  Because of the humor Aaron used in his challenge, Bozemanites went Ballistic.  And even in Aaron's words-  rightfully so (read the blog).  His listeners and fans got his humor, while DJ Bones's fans were pissed.

THEN - it got worse after the posting of this video -

Bozeman of course retaliated sticking up for this town we love with this video -

Again, Bozemanites and Missoulians took to their Facebook to talk trash and hate for the other side.  The "Battle" was agreed upon and was set to happen after the big Cat Griz game in Bozeman at the downtown bar The Zebra.  However, the day before the big game and battle was scheduled to happen, a massive snowstorm came in making the road between Bozeman and Missoula dangerous.  Thinking of his family, Aaron cancelled the trip.  Bozeman went crazy.  Some understood, some did not.  Some thought he was thinking he would loose, some just took the opportunity to bash the opposing team.  Both DJ's said the battle would be rescheduled, but it never was.  So what happened?

Thanks to the all knowing, easy to communicate Facebook - both DJ's agreed that the battle got ugly.  It went from a challenge, to misinterpretations and massive trash talking.  DJ Bones has agreed to travel to Missoula for this year's Cat/Griz on one condition - it's not a battle, but a showcase of the talents of both sides.  According to Aaron, he loves this idea and is sorry for his part in the original beef.  He says "If I would have gone back in time to correct things, this would have been the way to do it from the get go. No beef. No trash talking. Just music. Just talent. Something like this could potentially be a big annual event every night before the actual Griz/Cat football match up. Imagine, each year a handful of Missoula’s best DJs head to Bozeman to play. The following year, Bozeman’s DJs return to Zootown to have fun here."

SO - the showcase is on.  Here's the details...

Monk’s Bar presents:

“The Griz/Cat DJ Showcase”

Featuring DJ Bones and the Tallest DJ in America

Along with special guest DJs representing Missoula and Bozeman

10 p.m. Friday, November 16

225 Ryman Street, Missoula

Congratulations to both Aaron Traylor and DJ Bones for their cooperation, and mission to turn a negative into a positive.  Can't wait to see how the showcase goes!