If you haven't seen the footage of this lady falling into a mall fountain while texting, we have the video right here! Be careful if you laugh though, she is suing the mall security guard for doing just that. We thought this was a good time to also compile the most ridiculous lawsuits ever and shed light on the famous McDonald's hot coffee lawsuit.

If I were Cathy Cruz Marrero, I would sue my cell phone provider for making me have to look at the phone while texting my buddies.

Some completely ridiculous lawsuits we found involved a man suing himself for $5 million dollars, a man suing Budweiser for making him think he too could get chicks, Disneyland getting sued for being "too scary", and a Michael Jackson lookalike that does not like all the attention.

See all of the ridiculousness here

As for the McDonald's hot coffee lawsuit, apparently she did not get millions of dollars contrary to popular belief. She was only attempting to force the corporation to pay for her medical bill after getting a third degree burn from Mc'ies coffee. Remember when it says hot, it's best to assume it's hot. I test this theory every time I turn on my George Forman Grille and it's always right.