Anyone that knows me, knows I don't eat much.  To say I am a picky eater is an understatement.  I truthfully have always wondered what would happen if I traveled to a foreign land?  Would I starve like my mother told me I would? Well, according to this morning - foreigners have their own list of weird foods that we eat all the time!  What's on the list?

Biscuits and Gravy - "I do think biscuits and gravy are gross and strange." -- Hala, Canada via Lebanon

Peanut Butter - "Peanut butter, it's still weird to me." -- Natacha, Chile

Bacon and Eggs - "Bacon and eggs in the morning seemed weird to me. And then I realized that I could wake up really, really early to find myself a nice baguette or croissants for my breakfast!!!!!!" -- Genevieve, France

Pasta and Broccoli - "So when I just came to America when I was eight, we were invited to this nice host family's house for dinner. I didn't understand why they only served noodles (pasta) & green cauliflower (broccoli) for dinner. I thought they didn't like us since they only served two items for the entire dinner! Why was there not five or six dishes, like a Chinese meal? I was such an uninformed kid!" -- Miya, China

Black Pepper - "I was born here but I always thought it was an "American" thing to have black pepper at every table - my mother (Cuban/Spanish meals at home) never used any type of pepper. I had to get used to spicy foods and explain to people that not all Hispanics liked spicy foods." -- Elaine, Cuban/Spanish

Three Warm Meals a Day - "Three warm meals a day was odd to me. What threw me off more was lunch. To me, people were eating a dinner at 11 and then again a dinner later." -- Iris, Germany

Soft Bread - "Also, the general squishy bread." -- Iris, Germany