Are you watching Idol this season?  Who's your early pick to win it all?

Much like last week's saw-it-coming elimination of Wild Card also-ran Ashthon Jones, Thursday's "American Idol" result was no surprise, with the bottom three being Ashthon's fellow Wild Card pick Naima Adedapo and last week's bottom-three survivors, Karen Rodriguez and Haley Reinhart.Actually, the entire world predicted it. Not even Haley seemed stunned; in fact, she was practically sashaying away to those bottom-three stools, as if by force of habit, before Ryan Seacrest even read her name.

But, as it turned out, it was not Haley's time to go. (I assume that'll be next week.) Instead of Haley, who I (non-gloating alert) predicted would ultimately be this week's reject, it was Karen who received the fewest votes. Then, proving once again that Judges' Save gimmick is cruel and unnecessary, she sang one last time in vein (and by that, I mean, her neck veins were bulging in desperation), while the judges fake-debated over her fate. Then Karen even resorted to begging for another chance.