Pork is bomb. Especially locally sourced, hand-crafted, dried sausage from right here in Bozeman. Ever heard of Artisan Charcuterie? Me neither until I realized that I had tried their products at a couple of local eateries.

This stuff is delicious.

(Note: This post was not paid for in any way. I was not asked to write it. We didn't accept money for it, but I suppose if they wanted to send a salami our way we'd be OK with that...just kidding, FCC.)

After stumbling upon Artisan Charcuterie's video online, a quick Facebook Page search led me to their Kickstarter Campaign.

I don't know specifically what they need from this campaign other than the financial ability to secure quality, local hogs. But quite frankly, I don't really care.

Making good sausage takes lots of equipment, not to mention the time and patience. Pigs ain't free.

Good on ya, Greg Harris. I'm rooting for ya.