Let’s just start off by saying Bozeman is a dog town, period. If you go camping with friends, I guarantee you there will be almost as many dogs as people.  Go downtown and sit in a restaurant with a window facing the street – you’ll see dogs in every shape, color and size.  Bozemanites LOVE their canines. In my house – 1 human / three dogs.  Needless to say I have had my yahoos everywhere, and here are my thoughts on some of the best places to take your dog(s).

Cooper Park

If you’re a local you know this as “the dog park”, and if you are new or just visiting Bozeman its located on 11th and it’s a must. EVEN if you have a dog in your possession for over an hour, you must take them to Cooper Park.  It’s like a dog code they seem to all know about – Dogs LOVE Cooper Park.  If you don’t take them there, they will know. You will also meet cool peps at Copper Park that also share your furry friend obsession.

Pete’s Hill

If you are headed up to Pete’s Hill you should make sure your dogs are on a leash.  Its very popular due to it’s absolute beauty, but also has a ton of kids, families and other pets due to it’s close proximity to the Bozeman Library and Outdoor Swimming Pool.  Don’t be a jerk and scare the children.  :) Pete’s Hill holds the best views you can find right in town, and has a trail system (OFF of main roads) that goes forever.  It’s a dog walkers paradise.

Storm Castle

This hike is close and located in the Gallatin Canyon.  Its very easy to get to and a fairly easy hike.  After about a mile the trees open up and you can see the canyon via panoramic view – it’s spectacular.  PLUS, for some reason dog lovers have overtaken the place.  Make sure you have your leashes with you, but you can feel ok letting fido run around a little bit.  Don’t forget your bear spray – the danger up there is for real.

Ok, maybe I am a little partial because this run benefits my favorite Non-Profit Haven – but this is the only 5k in town that allows you to run with your dog.  It adds a certain fun factor to running, something I don’t particularly enjoy (I SUCK at running!).  They also encourage costumes!   If you decide to sign on for this run, not only will you get in shape – your doggies will too.  AND it benefits the fight against domestic violence, it doesn’t get any better than that.


This store is located at the intersection of 8th & Main, and it’s a dog lovers paradise.  Don’t leave fido at home, he/she is more than welcome at Dee-O-Gee.  In fact, most of the time he’s going to leave with a new bandana around his neck – thanks to their wonderful staff.  My favorite item, a simple magnet that reads “Wag More, Bark Less”.