The main thing I want to try and focus on this year is making the day as carefree and simple as possible for Mom. I'm pretty sure she's been perpetually busy and worried ever since she brought a child into this world. Mother's day is the one day specifically assigned to make up for the other 364 days of hard work she puts in. For the best mom she deserves the best Mother's Day. Read on for five great ways to spend your Mother's Day.

Day Spa

Maybe your mom never has any time to herself after splitting it all amongst work, dinner, kids practice, and household chores. A great way to forget about all of this is to take her to a day spa and let her get whatever treatment she would like. If you can drive, drop her off and pick her up (yes you will be her chauffeur). If you're too young, get Dad to drive, maybe he will take you out for ice cream while Mom is relaxing. Some recommendations around town are Chez Kez Day Spa, and Wellness WORx Massage but I'm sure you probably have your favorite or Mom has a favorite of her own.

Lunch Date

Lunch date is always a great idea for any Mom. I especially recommend this for college students or high school students as it's not too expensive and it's a great way to bond. All the hard work your mom does for you isn't for nothing, she wants to see you grow up to be the best you can be and a little one on one time will go a long way in instilling that motherly pride. I'd choose a restaurant with a patio area for eating. The Garage has great burgers and soup(see menu here), Starky's has some amazing sandwiches and chicken gyros, and even Old Chicago has a nice little patio and delicious pizzas.

Picnic In A Park

If you have a family of your own this is a great simple way hang out with the whole family. Let mom relax as the kids play and bring everything you need in a nice basket. Find her favorite fruits, cheeses, drinks, and dessert. Don't forget the sunscreen if it's a sunny day. A great place for this would be Kirk Park in Bozeman. It's located right next to a Town and Country Grocery and has a playground for kids.

Bozeman Outdoors

With so many great outdoor activities in Bozeman, we couldn't decide on just one. You and Mom could hike the M, (see a couple's blog post on the M here)the easy or hard way depending on how ambitious the two of you are feeling. You could go on a bike ride around town, stopping for ice cream at Dairy Queen or yogurt at Moberry because you should be rewarded for all the physical activity. Maybe even take Mom for a round of golf or a bucket of balls at Bridger Creek Golf Course.

A Clean and Quiet Home

The best place I could think of for a Mom on Mother's Day would be her own home all clean and cozy without her having to lift a finger. This might require you to leave work early, not hang out with friends after school, or maybe even hiring help. Oh and a nice dinner prepared wouldn't hurt. This definitely requires a lot of work, but it's probably work she has been doing for the last tens of years so I'm sure you can handle one day.