Did you see the VMA's last night?  If you didn't, not only did you miss Lady Gaga as a man for the entire night, you missed the big announcement - BEYONCE IS PREGGO! And did you hear Adele's performance?  WOW.

Lady Gaga started the evening off with an acting segment that was a little weird.  She stepped out on the stage as a man, and it was a mix of screaming as people figured out it was her, yet her monolog was serious.  It was weird.  She then did an AMAZING performance of "You and I".

Then I must say that the next hour or so of performances were bad.  It seemed as if some of them were just thrown together and not planned very well - UNTIL Adele took the stage.  With one simple piano and that AMAZING voice.  She brought her fellow singers to tears, it was beautiful.

And then Beyonce took the stage.  She rocked it with a killer performance of "Love on Top".  At the end she walked to the front of the stage, undid her jacket - and showed off her baby bump to the world!  Jay Z and Kanye were ecstatic!  How exciting!!!

I must say the swearing was out of control, and I talk like a sailor.  Seriously - some of the artists had no class in my opinion.  Enough is enough.

Did you watch?  What were your highlights?