Valentines Day is coming up and in anticipation we asked for your terrible date or love gone wrong stories. This submission is one of our favorites and makes our stomachs growl. The winner will be announced tomorrow on Valentine’s Day.

I met a guy one night while out with friends and he asked if he could take me out for dinner some night. We agreed to meet at Famous Dave's after work. He was one of those nicely built, health conscious, work out types.

I got there first and put our name on the waiting list. When he showed up he had flowers and a bottle of wine. Of course everyone looking on thought it was just the sweetest thing. I thought it wasn't so bad either. Until we sat down and got our menus.

He looked up and said, "this is just too much food and not healthy to eat so much. How about we just split a meal." I was a bit offended because I'm in quite good shape, a full time horse trainer and had worked a long hard day and I was hungry. So, I said "well, I'm quite hungry after work today, so I could eat a whole meal." He looked at me and said, "well, how do you watch your weight that way?" I could not believe the rudeness! So, to save myself a debate I gave in. He than heralded me with stories all through our measly dinner about how he used to be this great high school wrestler! He was 39! I've now decided he's a loser who's only high light in life was high school and he won't let me eat. I can tell this relationship is never going to happen.

So that's it right? we left the Famous Dave's he asked if he could come home with me! I said "no, I feel uncomfortable with that on a first date". He then got mad at me and said it was the least I could do since he did bring me flowers and wine. Did I just expect him to go home after all that?" I said "yes", got in my truck and drove away and stopped at the McDonald's drive through on the way!

Bad dates are never fun I couldn't imagine going through it on an empty stomach too! I for one love it when my date gets a healthy serving of food and eats without being ashamed!

Would you go on a second date with someone who tried to control what you ate?