I for one was never a board game fanatic. I much preferred Nintendo or Sega over Monopoly and Jenga. Now that I'm older and I have matured, I've changed my ways. I also found a new genre of board games that are much more conducive to laughter and hysterical madness!

1 - Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is an adult version of Apples to Apples, the game where players attempt to draw comparisons between words or phrases that are somehow related. Never before have I laughed so hard in astonishment of what was read on the cards. While Apples to Apples contains cards of G-rated nature, many cards in the The Cards Against Humanity deck reach the M rating. As the game creators explain it, "Cards Against Humanity is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends." If you don't already invite your parents and grandparents out with friends, I would recommend not inviting them to play Cards Against Humanity.

2 - Dirty Minds

Find out just how dirty or clean of a mind you and your friends have while playing Dirty Minds. The object of the game is simple. Three clues are read and you have to guess what the answer is. The hard part, the most obvious answer is usually a dirty one. Unless you want to be shouting obscene words and phrases in front of your closest family members, I would avoid this game after Christmas brunch. However, if you're able to sneak away and play with your cousins or friends across the street, it's a pretty hilarious game. Especially when someones mind can't think of the dirty word and it has to be explained.

3 - Geek Battle

While Geek Battle is more than appropriate for family audiences, your parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents will most likely not know the answers. If they do then you've got one cool family!

4 - Did You Ever vs. Would You Ever' Bride-to-Be Game

Did You Ever vs. Would You Ever' Bride-to-Be is designed to be played at Bachelorette parties but what better way to spend any ladies night than by revealing your most intimate and disturbing secrets? I don't think I need to explain why it's a bad idea to play this game with the parentals!

5 - I've Never

I've Never is another never have I ever type games but playable by all genders. You'll discover crazy secrets about your friends and end up drinking a bit too! The sad part is the game rewards players who have never done what's on the cards and punishes those who have. 21+

6 - Truth or Dare Jenga

Truth or Dare Jenga is your typical Jenga game except each block requires the player to either tell the truth or complete a dare. There are even some blank blocks allowing you to write your own truths or dares.