I don't know about you, but I grew up with the New Kids on The Block.  Joey McIntire was my first love, and the New Kids were my first favorite music group.  Not only did I have every Teen Beat Poster cut out  and pasted on every inch of my walls...I had every cd, a "tour jacket", EVEN BED SHEETS!  I loved the new kids.

A few years ago myself and Michelle Wolfe (from 95.1 The Moose) got the opportunity  to head to Las Vegas on the inaugural direct flight from Bozeman and guess who was performing new door??? Yes, you guess it, the New Kids on the Block!  Michelle is a big deal in the music industry (particularly in the rock world) and I wanted to go to the show.  After one night with more than enough wine consumption I got the guts to ask Michelle to call her people and ask for tickets for us.  She (pretty wined up) agreed!  The next morning I woke up to a phone message "I cannot believe I just called the record company and asked for New Kids on the Block Tickets, they laughed in my face.  I am so embarrassed".  The show had been sold out for weeks and this was the two days before, needless to say they didn't have tickets and I don't think she has lived down the horror of actually asking for them!  I did get to watch them walk the red carpet in Vegas and Joey was still as hot as he always been!

ANYHOO...now there is word that the New Kids and The Backstreet Boys are going out on tour this summer.  Anybody out there want to go??? I DO!!!