This topic was another assignment from our digital genius Cole, and I must say I had NO CLUE how many famous people were either from, or spent a good amount of time here!

Now, I will say I got most of these facts from Wikepedia...

We'll start with some of the more well known peps -

Jack Horner - The dinosaur dude.  He was the technical advisor for Jurrasic Park - and we are lucky enough to have him at our own Museum of The Rockies.


Ted Turner - Founder of CNN and WTBS - which started the cable super-station revolution. Look around Bozeman.  See a wide open space of land?  He probably owns it.


Kevin Michael Connolly - Born without legs, Kevin didn't let that or anything else stop him from accomplishing more than many of us will ever will. Kevin is a graduate from Montana State University, and in 2007, Kevin won a silver medal in the X-Games in the Mono-Ski races. Recently Kevin had a series of photographs on display at the Smithsonian that chronicled his journey through countries around the world. Watch a great video profiling Kevin from ESPN  here.


Alex Lowe - widely considered one of his generation's finest all-around mountaineers. He rode out a 40 foot fall while ice climbing in Hyalite Canyon and stopped to get coffee before going to the hospital. He eventually lost is life to an Avalanche in Tibet.


Dane Fletcher - Watch football?  Look for New England Patriots #52 - Dane was an MSU grad and you can now watch him smash people for a living during Monday Night Football!


Most of the above names you probably have heard about - but did you know?

Jan Stenerud - played football in the NFL for the Kansas City Chiefs, the Minesota Vikings, and the best - the GREEN BAY PACKERS! He scored 1699 points in his career second only to George Blanda :)


Brannon Braga - Are you a Star Trek freak?  Well Brannon worked on three of the four modern Star Trek television series, the Star Trek feature films, as well as being co-creator and an executive producer of Star Trek - Enterprise. Brannon is also currently the Executive Producer of the new series Terra Nova


What Do You Think?  Who am I missing?