Solar flares can be as short as minutes or last for hours. When the plasma from the sun reaches Earth, it causes the auroras  to glow much more vibrant. Tonight, we may see the brightest auroras visible in quite some time. is calling this the largest solar storm in the past 5 years. While the blasted plasma, coronal mass ejections, can paint the skies something beautiful, they can also cause destruction. The CME's can cause communication problems with satellites and disrupt power grids.

As we gaze at the skies tonight in hopes of spotting the auroras, let's also hope no destruction results from the solar eruption. If it does, how would we share our photos of the phenomenon on Facebook? Your best bet to see the auroras in Bozeman is somewhere far from any light pollution. Living in Bozeman this shouldn't be a difficult task. Don't miss 'em!