Kevin Michael Connolly is an amazing man.  Born without legs, he has never let his "disability" stop him from doing what he wants.  Kevin lives here in Bozeman, and if you have met him - he's a man you will never forget.  At this point, he is an accomplished author, has two X Games metals, has had his photographs featured at the Smithsonian Institution, the Kennedy Center, and in universities across the US and countries around the world - and now he's got his own show on the Travel Channel.

"Armed and Ready" will premier February 26th, and will feature Kevin traveling around the world.  He will be diving of cliffs in Hawaii, climbing tress in the Tennessee mountains - all adrenaline filled, physical activities.  He will show the world that you can do whatever you put your mind to.  I personally can not wait to see this show.  Congratulations Kevin, you are an inspiration to us all!