I am entering my 3rd week of the Bozeman's Biggest Looser Challenge going on at Gold's Gym.... There are 16 total participants split into 2 teams. It just so happens my lovely wife and I are in this challenge together....and we have a little competition going on between the two of us to see who will lose the most weight at the end of 8 weeks.

I'll be honest...last week didn't help me much! I turned 25 last Monday and my wife made me a huge cherry cheese cake knowing full well, I wouldn't be able to only have one piece! Somehow...the cheese cake pan was put back in the fridge with a fork left in it..so every time I would open the fridge...I would see it and have a bite. Her plan worked! ;) haha.

But this week I'm turning over a new leaf and sticking to my diet! Our trainers Chris Bender and Aaron Cook are both very excellent at what they do and I have been learning a lot from them about healthy eating habits and making lifestyle changes rather than just an 8 week starvation stint and then back to my old eating habits. Thus far I am 5.8 pounds lighter! My starting weight was 196.8pds. and I am now 191!-- Looking forward to 6am tomorrow! :)