I have been playing in the Summer Ultimate Frisbee League here in Bozeman for over three years now. Each year I've met new friends, improved my Frisbee skills, and gotten a bit more in shape. Everyone of all skill levels is welcome to join this co-ed league and the games start on June 3rd. (Registration deadline is Friday May 31st)

The games are each Monday from 6pm-8pm from June 3rd to July 22nd. Before each game around 5:30pm, players of the eight teams begin showing up to practice throws and chat with fellow teammates. This is the perfect time to socialize, learn new skills and talk game strategy. The eight teams are created by each of the eight captains picking from the pool of players to make sure the teams are evenly balanced.

Ultimate Frisbee is a game played with high regard for Spirit of the Game. Players are the refs and fair play is always of the utmost importance. The easiest way to learn is to just get out and play, ask questions, and have fun. There's nothing like running in an open field and catching a long pass! See you on the field!

[May 31st Deadline]

If you are new to the sport, here is a summary of the game.

  • It is a non-contact sport (incidental contact may occur)
  • 7 players from each team play at a time (four men and 3 women or five men and 2 women, depending on the teams' guy to girl ratio)
  • Players are not allowed to run while holding the disc
  • The disc is advanced towards a team's end zone by throwing it to any teammate in any direction
  • Points are scored by making a legal catch within the teams designated end zone
  • Any time a pass is incomplete (dropped, defended, intercepted, caught out of bounds) the defending team gains possession of the disc where it lies
  • And have fun!

In-depth rules can be found at USA Ultimate 11th Edition Rules

Quick Definitions of Helpful Terms

Pull - The 'kickoff' to the opposing team at the beginning of the game and after each scored point

Marker - The defender who is guarding the disc thrower

Stall Count - The amount of time a thrower is allowed to throw the disc (generally 10 seconds.) The Marker calls the stall count out loud for the thrower to hear (stalling one, stalling two, stalling three etc.)

Cuts - Term used to describe the route an offensive player runs to try and get open for a catch

Force - The Force is the direction the Marker is attempting to cause the thrower to throw.