Recently I have taken up reading.  To be honest I haven't read an actual book for fun since grade school.  But, when I went on vacation last month I found myself in the middle of the ocean on a cruise ship - so I figured it was a good time to actually try to read a book.  But what in the world would I really like?  I love reality TV shows, particularly the Real Housewives of whatever county, so I though I should start there.

Brandi Glanville had just released her book called "Drinking And Tweeting, And Other Brandi Blunders".  Perfect.  That was exactly the kind of book that I was looking for and let me tell you it was AWESOME.  If you want to a steamy tell all book that gives her  account of what it was like when her ex-husband and "that country singer" had an affair,  her plastic surgery and other steamy details that are not radio appropriate - this is the book for you.  I read it in the first couple of hours and loved every second.  I was however a little embarrassed when my fiance leaned over a read a couple of lines.  This may be one book to read in the comfort of privacy :)