If you want to know what one of the HUGE secrets from Bozeman locals...its the Bridger Ski Foundation Ski Swap.  This annual event benefits the Bridger Ski Foundation (duh), and is the go-to event for getting new and used gear at a huge discount.  The first year I was in Bozeman, I blew of the swap in leiu of buying the brand new "package deal" some salesman sold me.  I had never been on a board, but was ready to jump in with all I had.  I bought a 143 KS Snowboard, with clicker bindings and stiff boots.  How long did I ride this setup??  Two seasons.  Probably not my best investment.  Season two I learned about the one and only Ski Swap.  I got there about 10 minutes before the doors opened to the general public and saw the line around the block.  Let's just say that there was nothing left by the time I got there.  Season three.  I got to the Swap an hour early with coffee in hand ready to sit it out.  It was only then I learned that Bridger Ski Foundation Members get in an hour early!  How much to become a member of such an important organization (come on, an HOUR early)?  $10.  Bam.  I paid my money and strolled in.  There before me was more Snowboard and Ski gear then I ever could have imagined!  AND, they have smart people walking around giving you REAL advice on what gear to get!  I bought current setup that year at around half cost, and I am still riding it today.

Powder Day at Big Sky

Now don't get me wrong, some years are better than others...but it's definitely worth checking out before letting some sales guy convince you to buy the wrong thing.  And don't tell them you heard this from me, I want to be welcomed by my fellow ski bum community!!