Bike Thefts on the Rise in Bozeman – 5 Tips To Be Bike Smart
The Bozeman Police Department is warning the public of an increase in bike thefts in Bozeman. It seems that we all know someone who has had their bike stolen in Bozeman, and we want to help stop this trend. Here are our tips for preventing your bike from being next.
Tree Planting Safety Tips
We all love the trees in our beautiful Bozeman neighborhoods. They provide shade, branches for tire swings, and colorful leaves. While trees are well loved in this town, we want you to be aware trees that are not properly planted or maintained can pose serious safety hazards. Here are a fe…
Want 32 Tips That Will Change Your Life Right Now?
I am blown away by how simple yet useful these life hack tips are! This list tackles nearly everything including how to cure a headache, how to have very vivid dreams, how to download a YouTube video, and how to cure a burnt tongue. Which reminds me of a joke. Why did the hipster burn his tongu…
7 High-Paying Jobs You Can Get Without a Degree
Increasingly, people are learning that a four-year college education doesn’t always pay. You can spend upwards of $100,000 to get some letters after your name and still end up jobless, or in a job that doesn’t pay enough to cover your school loan payments. That’s probably why nearly 70 percent of th…
The Six Home Appliances Most Likely To Start a Fire
My fiance and I disagree on this list all the time.  He likes to turn off our small Air Conditioners when we leave the house, and I am always turning the dryer off before we leave the house.  Well, issued a report of the top 6 fire causing appliances in your home.

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