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Celebrity Nude Photos Being Used In Art Exhibit
More and more celebrity photos are being released to the public. They've been hacked and it's not pretty. I can't even imagine what each person is feeling knowing the photos are out for us to see. Now, an artist is making the photos even more public - at least for Jennifer Lawrence an…
Dancing With The Stars Cast Includes Ninja Warrior
ABC hasn't officially announced the new cast of Dancing With the Stars but we can't keep our mouth shut. We'll reveal...and then wait for ABC to confirm it. It seems that this year, ABC has realized the impact of social media and chose people who have the potential to make the show an…
Emmy Gift Bag – All About The Selfie
Tonight's Emmy Awards will include talk of fashion, the red carpet and whether or not Breaking Bad will take home the award over True Detective. For me, it's about those gift bags full of randomly awesome gifts that we all would love to have.
The Ultimate Madonna Auction
Calling all Madonna fans with deep pockets. This is your moment. You will have an opportunity to bid on classic Madonna items. From underwear to jewelry to dresses, it's all fair game. The weird part: Madonna doesn't know it's happening.
Justin Timberlake’s Dedication to 8-Year-Old
Julian celebrated his 8th birthday at a Justin Timberlake show. Girls in the audience got Justin's attention to tell him. All 25,000 people focused in on the little boy and gave him an experience he'll never forget.

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