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Family Promise Celebration Thursday Night
Family Promise is a local organization, that supports families in jobs, housing, life skills and more.  They have officially served their 100th family - and are celebrating their success this Thursday night.  Join the free celebration at the Baxter Hotel, with food from Off the Eaten Path,…
Time For Change – Interchange (VIDEO)
The man in this video is a warrior. He is a man that breaks through whatever barriers he comes up against. He started throwing concerts in his early 20's, he races sailboats, enjoys backcountry skiing with his family - he lives the life most of us dream of. I am privileged to call him…
Free Hugs In Downtown Bozeman (VIDEO)
Do you need a hug?  I think every now and then everyone does!  Well, recently a few people in Bozeman stood Downtown with a "free hug" sign - and they were taken up on the offer!
Turns out there is a "free hug" movement.  According to Wikipedia (they are NEVER wrong :) )
The Free H…
Engagement Photo’s Gone Wrong
A couple of weeks ago, my fellow engaged friend Amy sent me a link to some "engagement photos gone wrong."  Since then, I have been showing friends, coworkers, my fiance - pretty much anyone I can get to at their computer.  I...
Warriors And Quiet Waters – What Inspires You?
I think it's so easy to go through life caught up in day to day activities.  Work, school, family, friends - we are always busy.  Sometimes I think it's good to slow down, and look at those who are not as fortunate as we are going about living our normal lives.
Jennifer Aniston – Good Hair Days (VIDEO)
Jennifer Aniston is known for her hair!  Ever since she was Rachel on Friends, women around the world have tried to copy her hairdo.  The actress and stylist Chris McMillan have launched Aniston's new Living Proof Good Hair Day web series and product line...

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