Top 5 Things to Wear to Stay Warm in Bozeman This Winter
In certain states across the U.S., winter fashion means it’s 60 degrees out and time for ladies to don that cute new scarf and boot combo. Tis the season for those trendy UGGs, leggings, and Pea-coats to make a resurgence, and it’s time to dig out those favorite jeans…
Is There An Age Limit To Fashion?
I'm confused. There's so much talk about embracing your body, about wearing what makes you feel good and finding the right style for you BUT there's always the comment of dressing age-appropriate and about the fact that there's an age and/or lifestyle limit on what you can wear. …
Leggings With Channing Tatum and Ryan Gosling
This is just the beginning. I have no idea how I came across these gems but I'm in love! Where would you wear a pair of leggings with Ryan Goslings face collaged all over? What about Channing Tatum? Looks like I've got myself a Magic Mike XXL premier outfit!
Fashion Company Pledges Not To Photoshop Models
Finally, a fashion company has the guts to stand up and vow not to photoshop their models in the company's advertisements. has been about the acceptance of all body types and they prove it by signing the Heroes Pledge for Advertisers.
Adult-Size Barbie Clothes

When you played with your barbies, did you ever wish you could stretch her clothes to make them fit you? I would always wish I could dress just like Barbie. I mean, sure, I couldn't walk on my toes 24/7, nor could I pull off the blue eyeshadow look but I knew I'd definitely rock a good peaches and c…

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