Build Your Own Super Easy Brick BBQ
For next to no money (just the cost of a dozen bricks or so) you can build your own Hibachi style BBQ. We were just complaining about the cost of a new gas BBQ the other day. No need. I have patience with briquettes so why not try this?
Food Truck Fridays in Downtown Bozeman
Did you catch it last week? The Architect's Wife parking lot on Babcock serves as the location of Food Truck Fridays in downtown Bozeman (just West of S. Willson and Babcock).
We’re Making Pickles This Year! [VIDEO]
I have several gardening experiments every season. This year it happens to be cucumbers so that we can make our own pickles. Never mind that Greg doesn't like pickles but I do and I've already got the cukes started!
Office Holiday Treats Are My Mortal Enemy
Our office is full of ladies who are not only super crafty but extremely good bakers. During the holiday season, this place looks like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Every day brings a new plate FULL of homemade treats.

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