The Pumpkin Spice Obsession: It’s Not About Pumpkins
It's almost a rule that once September hits, our lives turn toward pumpkin spice. The drinks, the food, the candles, even the candy. We're absolutely obsessed. The first drink of my pumpkin spice latte seems to envelop me like an old blanket making me feel all cozy and protected from the w…
Coffee Just Makes You A Better Person
it's something I look forward to drinking every single day. Normally, that means it's not good for me because it's fun. Turns out, I'm so wrong. This caffeine addiction has major benefits for us!
Midday Crash? Take A Coffee Nap.
According to science, taking a coffee nap will give us more energy and make us smarter. Mostly. I'm one of those people who can drink coffee and sleep afterwards and I thought I was weird. Turns out, it's all in your timing. You can do it, too - even at work.
Peanut Butter Recall
Several jars of peanut butter have been recalled. Look for these organic and store-brand labels. Some almond butter is also included in the recall. Here's the list and instructions on what to do:

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