Can Being Cold Really Make You Sick? [VIDEO]
I've always scoffed at the notion that being cold will make you catch a cold. We have heard this multiple times through warnings our entire lives. But what is the truth about being cold and catching a cold?
Do You Use Anti-Bacterial Soap?
After years of legal battles, environmentalists have won a small battle against anti-bacterial soap. Anti-bacterial soap claims to prevent germs and illness by killing over 99% of germs. But groups like Natural Resources Defense Council are worried about the drug-resistant bacteria potentially caus…
Over 370 Minutes of Massage Available in This Week’s Auction
Looking for a great way to relax and release this winter? Out of the Cocoon Natural Healing is offering five 75-minute Integrative Reflexology Sessions which include massage techniques, pressure points, and the reflexology foot map at 60% off. You'll feel really good after you get this dea…
What Is A POLST Form? Or The 5 Wishes?
Advanced Directives shouldn't be a scary term. Knowing and SHARING what you want to have happen to you when a serious illness strikes is terribly important to medical staff and more importantly, your family.
Test How Old Your Ears Are Right Now [VIDEO]
Is your hearing what it once was? Have you gone to a lot of loud concerts or listened to your headphones on eleven? Here is a test to see just how far along your ears are in their listening ability's degradation.
Can Barbecuing Meats Increase the Risk of Cancer?
It's barbecuing season in the Gallatin Valley! Have you fired up the grill yet this season? We talk about how to safely shop, prepare and cook your raw meats to avoid food born illness. Some studies have even suggested grilling food can be a cancer risk. Inside we talk about how to use the prop…
Eyes On Main Trunk Show Today!
We'll be out and about broadcasting live today from 1 -5 from the Eyes On Main Trunk Show! The Grand Prize of the day is an iPad Mini!  There will also be

 Food and beverages including soda and beer and wine
  20%-50% off eyewear with an additional 5% if you bring in a canned good to go to the Gallati…

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