Best Breast Exam Video Ever? [VIDEO]
The video is meant to promote regular self checkups for breast cancer. There is a shower scene, closeups, and and lots of shirtlessness! Oh and it's an advertisement for some sort of app on your phone. Hesitant? Just watch it and see for yourself!
The 3 Biggest Mistakes People Make in the Gym
Every week, Coach Rick Scarpulla answers questions from readers and gives advice about strength training and fitness. This week, we had a question of our own, so we asked Rick "what are the biggest mistakes people make in the gym?" He pointed out the three most common and suggestio…
Newborns May Be In Risk Of Spreading Deadly Disease (VIDEO)
Everyone seems to be talking about this year's flu numbers, but there is another sickness that is raising concern among newborns.   RSV, or respiratory syncytial virus, attacks the lungs. Each year RSV causes up to 125,000 hospitalizations and more than 200 deaths in babies under age …
Where To Get a Flu Shot in Bozeman [MAP + PRICES]
Have you come down with flu like symptoms yet? I've been lucky enough to avoid the bug so far. advises everyone over 6 months to get one each year. If you are thinking of heading their advice, I've compiled a list of places and prices for  flu shots or nasal spray vaccines in …
5 Helpful Tips to Avoid Catching the Flu
Unless you’ve been hiding out under the covers shivering, nursing a fever and clutching your achy bones, you probably know this has been a brutal flu season.
What you may not know is there are measures you can take to avoid the flu -- and most of them are pretty darned simple. So, wha…
Nap Nanny Baby Recliners Recalled
Scary news for parents of newborns - another recall is in place after infant deaths have been reported. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Nap Nanny poses a serious risk to babies, due to defects in its design, warnings, and instructions...
$20 Day Today At Big Sky Resort
Attention snow lovers - today is $20 Lift Ticket Price day at Big Sky!  They got about 3 inches of new snow in the past 24 hours - and have 22 runs open.  Today they are running the Magic Carpet, Challenger, Explorer and Swift Current!  I...
5-Hour Energy Drink Could Maybe Kill You
You think you know exactly what you are getting when you drink a 5-Hour Energy, because its name is so obvious and descriptive But what its name doesn't tell you is that those five hours of energy might just kill you.(*dramatic trumpet blast*)
Study Links Flu During Pregnancy to Autism
What exactly causes autism is still uncertain, but researchers are investigating the possibility that a mother having the flu while she is pregnant may increase the likelihood of her child being born with the condition.
Can a New Sports Bra Really Detect Breast Cancer?
Is possible for a bra to detect breast cancer?
Well, according to First Warning Systems, the answer is a resounding yes. The Reno, Nevada-based company says they have invented a sports bra that comes complete with built-in heat sensors that can allow doctors to see malignancies through a state-of-the…

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