Miller Creek
November 1st from 8pm – 2am at The Filling Station. Take a trip to the Dark Side of the Moon with Miller Creek this Halloween weekend! We’re adding some incredible...
Jon Wayne and The Pain
October 31 from 10pm – 1am at the Zebra Cocktail Lounge. Performances by Jon Wayne and The Pain who are reggaetronic dubstep. Where your costumes and come to the party. $1.50...
Costume Contest At The Mall
October 31st from 5pm – 8:00pm. Come INSIDE to Trick or Treat where it is safe, warm, friendly and FREE to the Community! Annual Kid’s Trick or Treating at the...
Alternative Gift Market In Belgrade November 9th, 2013
It's not about buying "stuff", it's about doing good. Belgrade is hosting their first annual Alternative Gift Market on November 9th and it's a cool way to give a gift without spending money on things your friends don't need anyway. Here's the lowdown:
10 America-Themed Songs for the Fourth of July
American popular music has been around since before America even declared its independence. 'Yankee Doodle,' anyone? That classic was sung by Colonial American soldiers as early as the French and Indian War.
Here’s a list of 10 to add to your Fourth of July playlist:
National High Five Day Contest
There has been a ton of sadness this week with the explosions in Boston and Texas.  Do you need some "happy" for your day?  Well, today is National High Five Day.  Take a few minutes during this chaotic time for some wholesome fun and High Five whoever you can...
Are Black Wedding Dresses The New Trend?
Yahoo! Shine is reporting that a growing number of brides are now walking down the aisle in black wedding dresses.  These "fashion forward" brides are responding to a 2011 Vera Wang fashion show where she sent 15 black wedding dresses down the runway...
Prank Ideas For April Fools (VIDEO)
Still looking for a prank to do today for April Fools?  Well, we have you covered!  This video contains a ton of easy pranks that you can pull off without much effort.  What's the craziest prank you have either done, or had done to you?
Happy April Fools...
The Best Celebrity Pranks Ever
April Fool's Day is today, and what better way to celebrate the day that it's totally cool to wrap a toilet in cellophane than to go through some of the best celebrity pranks throughout the ages?
Of course, by "ages," we mean anything within the new millennium.
Google Launches “Treasure Map” On Google Maps (VIDEO)
Ever want to search for buried treasure?  Ever since watching the Goonies when I was a kid - I have always wanted to find a secret stash of jewels, diamonds and gold.  Well, according to Google this morning you can help find "Captain Kidds"  big loot using their Trea…

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