Paranormal Activity Prank Terrorizes Poor Victim [VIDEO]
We have all seen scaring pranks before, but nothing like this paranormal activity prank. While most tend to be too theatrical and in your face, this prank starts off very subtle and then grows to a terrifying conclusion. Watch if you dare.
Triple Double Dippin in the Studio
Do you know the TRIPLE DOUBLE DIP?  It is the next dance craze and it came from Bozeman High.  "The Dippers" coined the new catchy dance, the "TRIPLE DOUBLE DIP" on their YouTube Channel, Wild Oak TV and the song has been taking off ever since...
Are You In The Market For a Ford F250 or a Good Laugh?
In most situations, it's the buyer who is picky not the seller. This Bismark man is so picky about who he wants to sell his 1984 Ford F250 to that he made a list of traits not suitable for a prospective buyer. Fans of pumpkin latte need not apply.
SNL Celebrates Fall With the Most Inappropriate Pumpkin Product Ever
It's Fall and Halloween is right around the corner, so you know what this means: pumpkins, and lots of 'em. Like us, the folks at 'SNL' know that this is the season where pumpkin products take center stage and invade every corner of your home, but unlike us, 'SNL' has the time, budget and duty to ma…
Sh*t People Say on MSU Confessions Will Enlighten You [VIDEOS]
Confession websites have grown exponentially along with the proliferation of social networks. One very popular confession site in Bozeman with over 7,000 fans is the MSU Confessions Facebook Page. While the confessions like #12732 "I just want to find a girl that will cuddle with me, watch movi…
10 Things You Didn’t Know About Vampires
Everyone knows that vampires suck … your blood!!!! Seriously though, do you know the history behind modern vampire lore? These creatures of the night have been lurking around for a very long time, although the princes and princesses of darkness have taken on different guises and mythologies t…

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