Pre-Bent iPhone 6 Case
Yep, the iPhone 6 Plus bends. You can't put it in your pocket like other phones. Apple calls it a feature instead of a manufacturing defect. Instead of getting upset about it, why not buy a pre-bent case? Problem solved! This is ridiculous, is it not?!
Thoughts Of A Pumpkin Spice Latte Drinker
A list of "10 Basic Thoughts That Go Through A Girl's Mind While Drinking A PSL" was released. It TOTALLY makes us sound like airheads. The problem: I think some of these thoughts. Dang it! If you're a pumpkin lover, see if you're in this group or add your own.
Spanx: Men Experience The Magic
Spanx are magic. Plain and simple. They turn the not-so-fit parts of our body into a compact space. Not everything about these heaven-sent "figure tools" is pretty. The process (and sight) of putting them on and taking them off is tragic enough to end a relationship. These guys now…
Actor Secretly Live-Tweets Real Couple’s First Date
What does an actor do with his time while he sits at a restaurant eating alone? He does what we'd all do and eavesdrops on the conversations of everyone else sitting in the restaurant. Arrow's Colton Haynes struck gold when he found a couple on an awkward first date. It was so good, he liv…
Demanding Bride’s Bridesmaid Email Goes Viral (Again)
A bride-to-be whose name hasn't been revealed emailed out a lengthy missive to her ten potential bridesmaids, telling them exactly what would be required of them if they accepted her invitation to be in her wedding party. The demands were so outrageous, causing it to go viral.

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