Midday Crash? Take A Coffee Nap.
According to science, taking a coffee nap will give us more energy and make us smarter. Mostly. I'm one of those people who can drink coffee and sleep afterwards and I thought I was weird. Turns out, it's all in your timing. You can do it, too - even at work.
Children Being Denied Lunch At School
Kids are being refused breakfast (and lunch) at school for an overdue lunch account. The kids have no control over the cause or the solution yet they are suffering the consequences.
You’re Richer Than You Thought. Here’s Proof!
Money is an issue most of the time. It seems that it doesn't go as far as it once did. Okay, let's be real, it's always a mystery how an entire paycheck is already spoken for before it even hits the bank account. Did you know that the money you have right this minute is worth more tha…
My Oprah Moment: How To Find Your Life’s Purpose
With the way social media works, it's easy to feel like you're the only one not moving in the direction you should be. The only one who doesn't have a perfect life, everything figured out and success beyond what you'd imagined.
I know I feel that way at least once a day. The Facebook "highlight…
Purrrrrfect Lullaby
With all the sad news being reported, this is just a little break from it all. There's no other reason than giving you an opportunity to watch the sweetest little baby be lulled to sleep by a cat. It's so stinking cute. Agh! I love babies...
1-800-273-TALK (8255)
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Call if you need help or just someone to talk to if you are thinking of taking your own life.
If you suspect a friend or loved one is considering suicide, take your suspicion seriously.
Please share this information with your friends and family...
Grandpa’s New Companion Helps Heal
After losing his wife of 63 years and then his dog - all within 4 months, this grandfather was really struggling to find happiness. Then the family stepped in. "You're not alone anymore, grandpa." Grab a tissue, this is a tear-jerker.
How To Get A Bikini Body – #Fatkini
It sounds like a negative trend but it's actually a body-positive hashtag that has gone viral. Women who were tired of searching through social media seeing that "perfect bikini body" decided to do something about it...and it's working.

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