Music Video

Call Me Maybe the Vintage Version
A fun vintage feel for your Monday. This is not Karmin, but a mix of musicians.  Her name is Robyn, credits found at the end of the video.  Shout out to our listener Clarissa for sharing this gem/jam!  Here is to a great week of getting silly songs stuck in your head...
Katy Perry Morphed in ‘Roar’ Teaser Video
The official video isn't out yet, however this is pretty cool.  Katy starts off as a young toddler and is morphed to her later years.  It reminds me of Michael Jackson's Black or White video.  Pretty cool stuff.  What do you think?  -mO
Blurred Lines Popularity, Remixes and Best Parodies
For the past seven weeks, Blurred Lines has remained at the top of the charts, making it the longest number one running song of 2013. This week’s 7:06 remix is dedicated to Buffetlibre’s take on the hit. The song of the summer has numerous remixes, parodies and the sp…

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