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Should Isis Change Her Name?
A little girl's life has completely changed because of ISIS. The reason? Her name is Isis. It's reached the point where Isis' mom feels her little girl will be targeted - if she's not already.
September 11: National Day of Service and Remembrance
It was thirteen years ago when our lives forever changed. We remember where we were, who we were with and even what we were wearing. There were so many questions, fear and sadness. What do we do now that it's over a decade later? We serve. We help others. We show our true spirit. THIS is what w…
Mom Gets Stolen Van Back Via Text
A mother of five returned to the parking lot to an empty space. Her van had been stolen. The only thing she could think to do was text the phone that was in the van and hope for a response. It worked.
Nail Polish That Can Detect Drugs
Dear women who go to parties: Four college guys have created a nail polish that could save your life. Undercover Colors is a polish that, once in contact with a narcotic, changes color as a warning. The company isn't official yet. It can be, though.
Use of Knee Defender Diverts Plane. A What?
A "Knee Defender" sounds like something we all need on a long flight. I had no idea these things existed until the story of a United flight diversion due to a little spat after a passenger used a Knee Defender.
1-800-273-TALK (8255)
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Call if you need help or just someone to talk to if you are thinking of taking your own life.
If you suspect a friend or loved one is considering suicide, take your suspicion seriously.
Please share this information with your friends and family...

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