Attention Dog & Cat Owners!! Massive Recall On Pet Food!
VERY IMPORTANT message for all dog and cat owners!  There is a massive recall on Natura Pet food.  The recall covers both dog and cat food.  Natura is voluntarily recalling the product do to a positive test for Salmonella.
According to the company -
We made this decision in part due to …
Mad Dog – Sunny Hates The Bath
This is one of my dogs.  Her name is Sunshine and she's a Corgi-Lab mix.  Most of the time Sunny is smiling and playful.  BUT - she also has her "mad face", and this is it.  Yesterday she was so stinky she had to get a bath. I don't know why but she HA…
Booty Shaking Dog (VIDEO)
This made me smile on this Friday morning!  I love dogs, I am an absolute sucker for them! This dog is obviously happy to be with his human!  LOVE the dance moves.  Better than you see in Downtown Bozeman on a Friday night. :)
Yellow Dog Project Helps to Identify Dogs Who Need Space
My fiance and I are the proud owners of 3 wonderful doggies - Kobe, Lucy & Sunshine.  Our world greatly revolves around them.  We love to walk them here there and everywhere around town, and we see A LOT of other dogs when we walk.  Before today, I had never heard of  the…
Dog Teaches Puppy How To Go Down The Stairs (VIDEO)
We all know that I am a SUCKER for dogs, and this video is possibly my favorite ever.  It shows the trust that young dogs get with the older dogs in the house - and is just cute as heck.  Hey, we all have to take advice from our elders at some point in our lives...

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