Find Out How Smart Your Dog Is With A New App
I always think my dogs are smart, but most disagree with me.  It must be the endless love I have for them!  Well, a new project called "Dognition" hopes to find out just how smart dogs are.  They are gathering data from people all over the world,  then they will…
Best Breast Exam Video Ever? [VIDEO]
The video is meant to promote regular self checkups for breast cancer. There is a shower scene, closeups, and and lots of shirtlessness! Oh and it's an advertisement for some sort of app on your phone. Hesitant? Just watch it and see for yourself!
Boyfriend Trainer App (VIDEO)
This one is good for a laugh - it's a Boyfriend trainer app.  I think its funny because some of my friends talk about "training their man" about this or that.  Well this particular app is getting a bad rap for it's violence.  It let's players slap, ele…
Facebook Announces New “Graph Search” (VIDEO)
If there's one thing we can count on, it's that Facebook is going to constantly change.  After getting used to the idea, truthfully I usually enjoy the changes.  This time they are introducing the "graph search".  Basically what this is supposed to do is let users quickly search through th…
Supposedly Your iPhone 5 is Bendable [PHOTO]
I was browsing my Google+ news feed and a post came up with a warning reading:
I don't own an iPhone 5 but I immediately became interested in this strange disclaimer.
WARNING! I Got Scammer Phone Call
Yesterday as I was leaving an appointment, I noticed a new Voicemail message from a number I did not recognize.  My heart sank as I listened.  The message said that there was a civil investigation from the National Legal Corporation, gave me a claim number and a phone number to call within…

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