2012 Grammy Awards Performances
The 2012 Grammy Awards are finally here! Tonight on the televised awards ceremony, the stage was overflowing with explosive performances from a variety of artists in the pop, R&B, hip-hop and rock genres.
Adele Talks Vocal Surgery on Upcoming ’60 Minutes’
Adele has been quiet lately because she had to be. After having vocal cord surgery to remove polyps that caused her to table several planned tours, the women behind the best-selling album since 2004, ’21,’ was ordered to pipe down and keep quiet until she healed. So she had no choice.
However, she’s…
Symone Black’s Fall Leaves ‘American idol’ Cliffhanger
A cliffhanger on a reality talent show? Is that even possible? Oh yeah. Since the ‘American Idol‘ Hollywood rounds are taped and not live, the show’s producers have the ability to edit as they see fit, so tonight’s episode ended with singer Symone Zaire Black, 16, falling off the stage and obviously…

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