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Rihanna Really Likes Brazilian Waxing
Rihanna gets joy out of not others' pain, but her own.
Case in point? The 'Diamonds' singer reportedly loves the feeling of having hair and skin ripped off of her naughty bits: she loves getting Brazilian bikini waxes, and not just for the results (which she proudly displays on Instagr…
Psy Impersonator Fools Everyone at Cannes
It seems one of the disadvantages of always wearing sunglasses is that it makes it a lot easier for somebody to impersonate you. Even if you're incredibly famous. That's how an impostor managed to party it up at Cannes, while celebrities were excitedly tweeting about meeting Psy.
A few weeks ago, I went to TEDx Bozeman at the Commons with my pal Courtney.  We were blown away by the speakers with their 10 minute presentations on anything from Black holes, life in Antartica, music, song writing and animal training.  Tedx started in the 80's where people would ga…

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