Weird News

Why You Should Not Kill Snakes With Fire [VIDEO]
A woman not afraid of snakes, doused a serpent with gasoline and set it ablaze. That's when the cold blooded animal took the fire to the woman's home. Was it revenge or just mere coincidence? Watch a video of the police call and the fire.
Man Gets Arrested For Mooning Wedding Guests
A man was staying in a South Carolina hotel room overlooking the courtyard where a wedding was being held, and he thought it would be funny to moon all the guests.  Authorities said 20-year-old James Dengal  "placed his buttocks against the glass several times and bent over&qu…
Mystery Creature Washes Ashore in Wales
Peter Bailey, 27, was taking his dog for her evening walk along the beach in Tenby, Wales, when he came across this unusual sight. He snapped some pictures of it, because he had no idea what it is, and now it has earned the name The Beast of Tenby.

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