Weird News

Pepsi and Chicken Flavored Potato Chips Are Now a Reality
When you have chicken, some potato chips and a Pepsi you have a meal. Certainly not a square meal, but one most folks could imagine themselves eating at a designated meal time.
What if we were to tell you you could get the taste of all three of these fine flavors in one single food product.…
Nurse Who Got Pranked at Kate Middleton’s Hospital Found Dead
Kate Middleton checked into King Edward VII hospital last week for acute morning sickness following the announcement of her pregnancy. While she was there, a pair of Australian radio DJs called the hospital pretending to be Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles. The worker who took the call and patched…
Woman Marrying Cardboard Cutout Of Edward From Twilight
Lauren Adkins was able to raise $1,200 for her upcoming fake marriage to a cardboard cutout of the Edward Cullen character from Twilight. "They" are all set to tie the knot with the cutout in Vegas as part of what she says is a performance piece" to complete her Maste…
5-Hour Energy Drink Could Maybe Kill You
You think you know exactly what you are getting when you drink a 5-Hour Energy, because its name is so obvious and descriptive But what its name doesn't tell you is that those five hours of energy might just kill you.(*dramatic trumpet blast*)

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