Weird News

The Ryan Gosling Bathroom
Talk about the most pleasant restroom experience in the history of ever! A restaurant has created a Ryan Gosling shrine in one of the stalls. The walls look like the inside of a teenager's locker. Sign me up!
Whoops! Woman’s Husband Is Her Brother
You search for your soul mate and actually find that person. You form a life together and have a child. Years later you find out that you will be united with your mother who abandoned you as a child. Your mother tells you that you have a brother. It's your soul mate. You married your brother.
Bieber Saves Man From Bear Attack
A Russian fisherman thought his life was over as the bear tore at his face, chest, and stomach. There was nothing he could do to stop the attack but there was something Justin Bieber could do.
She Photobombed Her Future Husband
As Aimee and fiance Matt are going through photos before their wedding, they come across a shot of Matt as a little boy sitting on the beach with a group of kids. Aimee looks a little bit more closely and notices the little girl photobombing the pic is her!

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