All of our letter writing has finally paid off! Channing Tatum will be hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’ this weekend. Omg, like, we’re totally freaking out right now.

Now all that needs to happen is for Tatum to take his shirt off (doesn’t matter what for) in order for Saturday’s show to be the best ever. The sex on a stick symbol looked amazing back in his ‘Step Up’ and ‘She’s the Man’ days, but now that he’s all toned for ‘Magic Mike,’ he’ll probably make everyone in the audience melt to the floor. Even Fred Armisen can’t resist jumping into the man’s arms during the ‘SNL’ promo. See for yourself below.

Wanna see more of Channing Tatum? Come back next week and vote for him to become the Hunk of the Week. We’ll throw together a gallery of photos and shirtless shots of the winner for you to enjoy. Plus, if Tatum gets the most votes, he’ll move on to compete for Hunk of the Month.