It's getting hard to watch!  Charlie 'Stream' just keeps going on his downward spiral!
Charlie Sheen took to his Ustream channel, 'Sheen's Korner' on Tuesday night and basically declared war on all his ex-bosses.

Even before he appeared on screen, an image of a book called 'The Art of War: Great Commanders of The Ancient and Medieval World 1500 BC – AD 1600' filled the background.

And we finally got to see what Sheen referred to as 'Tiger Blood' -- a ready-to-drink blend of fruit juices from a company called Ritual Cleanse.

He started by addressing how he felt about being officially fired from 'Two and a half Men.' Sheen said, "What occurred yesterday was completely and entirely illegal, unconscionable, and to quote my lawyer really s****y s****y, suck suck.