Sydian Photography

Chances are if you went to the Christmas Stroll this Saturday you got your picture taken at our booth or know someone that did. Thanks again to Sydian Photography for taking all the pictures, all will be uploaded here in this post.

Be sure to click the arrows on the right and left of each image, as the photo viewer only loads about 90 thumbnails. Also, the images got out of order a little so be sure to go about 20 photos past your first one to make sure you see the best one from your sit-down. Feel free to take your image(s) by right-clicking and saving it to your computer. The images are compressed to fit on the web-page but if you would like the original photograph file as taken by Ashley Stevick at Sydian Photography, send us an email at and the picture number in pink from below the image (Christmas_Stroll-#)  and we will send you the LARGE file. Merry Christmas!