[UPDATE 8:10AM 10/12/12] The below picture is believed to be the abductors car. It is a white SUV with a cargo box on top. Authorities believe he may have removed the cargo box.

Warning - this story is VERY hard to hear.  An 11 year old girl from Cody Wyoming was abducted by a man who lured her into his vehicle by asking for her help finding his puppy.  He then pulled a gun on her, put a bag on her head and took her up into the mountains outside of town. Police are not releasing details of what exactly happened to her, but they are confirming that he did in fact sexually assault her.  He then let her go, leaving her to walk out nearly 5 miles with temperatures dropping in the dark.  A group of hunters leaving the area saw her and picked her up - only to hear the horrifying details of exactly what happened.  Now, the police need your help.

The girl told him the man pulled a gun on her, put a bag over her head and at one point struck her with the gun. She also told police they got into a physical struggle, and she kicked him in the nose, and made his nose bloody,

The man is described as 185-200 pounds with short strawberry blond hair or white hair and a neatly trimmed mustache or beard. When he approached the girls he was wearing a brown shirt, blue jeans and tan baseball cap. The girl told authorities that he was driving a white SUV, with a mattress as a back seat and many different pictures of unclothed little girls.  Anyone with information is asked to contact the Cody Police Department, 307-527-8700.