Congrats to Kathy Beardslee, the MY MOTHER OF THE YEAR!!!  You are now getting the hooked up with your flower bed flowers from Wagner Nursery!

Here's what Kathy's daughter Maggie had to say in a letter to her mom!

Dear Mom,

How do you describe the most selfless person in the world?  I’m sure many people are thinking this as they write these letters about their mothers.  Mom you are an amazing person.  You have been the bread-winner of our family since I can remember.  You’ve supported my brother, dad and I in every one of our pursuits, from art shows, to community college for dad when he could no longer work as a mechanic, to supporting my desire to study abroad and now become a teacher.  You are our everything; paying the bills, coming to every event us kids were in, and making our dinner every night without complaint.  And those are just the little things. You’ve been our rock, what has kept us together as a family; giving advice, hugging us when we’re down.  I would have to say my mom is a saint in every definition of the word.

In January, you were diagnosed with breast cancer.  Yet in the midst of this heartbreaking news you have stayed positive and are looking at treatment options that seem petrifying with an open mind.  As well you’ve kept working at your job which tirelessly, endless hours.  I hope one day you can take time for just you, especially now that you’ve been forced to slow down from this sickness.

Thank you Mom, for being you; thank you for your strength.  You do not need to go through this alone. We are here for you every step of the way.

I love you Mom!

Your daughter, Maggie

This flower basket would not only give my mom a smile for the summer, but it will be so incredibly helpful for her emotional spirits as she prepares for this hard journey.  I know she will survive.  She’s the strongest, most inspirational woman I know, but little things help.  My mom is the best mom in the world- now she needs the best daughter in the world to help her in the next phase of her life.  I hope to be half the person she is!