Congrats to Margaret Brun - this week's qualifier for the MY Mother Of The Year Contest!

Here's what her daughter Rachael had to say:

My mother Margaret Brun is an absolute saint. She has been a caregiver for virtually her whole life. She let her parents live with her for many years and took care of them as they got elderly, she let me and my two boys move in with her after my divorce,she did not ask for anything from me in return, she regularly attends church and does so much volunteer work and never asks for any help or recognition in return. the last few years she has used her personal vacation time to do mission work with her church, she voulunteers her saturdays to help homeless folks out, she even does work with family promise to help out needy families. Anybody who needs anything you can count on my mom,she justs hears about a need and does it, she is truly an inspiration to us all. Recently my mom had a very bad fall in a slippery parking lot and broke her wrist and pelvis, she did not blame anyone, in fact she kept apologizing to everyone at the hospital for not being more cordial. The world needs more people like her. She lives a very simple life but enjoys the outdoors and her flower gardens so much, they bring absolute joy to her. I think my mom should be mom of the century and not just mom of the year because she is truly the best.

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