I've actually been trying to avoid any images, footage or background information on the suspect in the movie theater massacre. I'm not sure if it's my way of avoiding the reality or if I'm trying to deny the suspect the fame he most certainly is seeking. Writing this article I'm aware I've failed on both fronts but now I have an even bigger conniption - who defends a monster like this in court and how is that person chosen?

Of course, everyone is granted the right of a fair trial in the United States, but what if no one wanted to or was able to defend a defendant? According to  ABC News, James Holmes has been appointed public defender, James O'Connor. James O'Connor is the head of the 18th Judiciary District in Colorado and was chosen by that stipulation alone.

The woman in the video below is not O'Connor but someone who I would guess to be a public defender in the 18th Judiciary District along with James O'Connor. I can only imagine the impact on one's life while defending such a brutal killer. I couldn't even imagine sharing a bench with said person.

Will they go for an insanity plea? Will they maintain him in confinement for years or even decades? What if the defender somehow slips up and voids the trial and it drags on and on?

The trial is at the beginning of a long, media feeding frenzy, and the nation will surely be keeping a close eye on the outcome. How do you think it will play out? Below is the first footage of the suspect in court as they read him is charges.