The counting of votes continues this morning, as a record number of Montanan's went to the polls to vote.  The Montana Secretary of State is currently reporting about 63% of precincts being fully reported at this hour.  What we do know?  President Obama has beat his Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

Here's where things stand as of 6am this morning -

  • Jon Tester and Denny Rehberg remain locked in a close race in the most expensive political contest in Montana history.
  • Republican businessman Steve Daines has won Montana’s sole U.S. House seat, beating democrat Kim Gillan.
  • Democrat Linda Mcculloch leads over Republican Brad Johnson for Secretary of State.
  • State Auditor:  Democrat Monica Lindeen leads Derek Skees.
  • Superintendent of Public Instruction:  Almost tied between democrat Denise Juneau and Republican Sandy Welch.
  • Democrat Steve Bullock is leading Republican rick Hill by a slim margin in early returns in the Governor’s race.
  • Republican Tim Fox and Pam Bucy are locked in a close battle in the race for Montana attorney general.
  • Public Service Commissioner:  Democrat John Vincent has a slight edge over Republican Roger Koopman
  • State Senate District 33:  Dem. Mike Phillips leading Rep. Tom Tuck
  • State Senate District 34:  Rep. Scott Sales leads Dem. Michael Comstock
  • State Representative District 63:  Dem. Franke Wilmer has a slight lead over Rep. Tom Burnett
  • State Representative District 64:  Dem. Tom Woods is leading Rep. Clint Fields
  • State Representative District 65:  Dem. Kathleeen Williams over Rep. Nick Mahan.
  • State Representative District 66:  Dem. Jennifer Pomnichowski is leading Rep. Dave Ponte.
  • State Rep. District 67:  Rep. Gordy Vance (unopposed)
  • State Rep. District 68:  Rep. Kelly Flynn (unopposed)
  • State Rep. District 69:  Rep. Ted Washburn (unopposed)
  • State Rep. 70:  Rep. Kerry White is leading
  • Montana voters have approved four of the five ballot questions so far, and appear to be favoring the fifth.
  • Voters voters overwhelmingly approved measures that require parental notification for minor girls’ abortions, deny services for illegal immigrants, declare that corporations are not people and forbid governments from imposing health insurance mandates.
  • The last question is whether to ratify a law that severely limits the use and distribution of medical marijuana. Voters early Wednesday appeared to favor that measure with about half the votes to be counted.
  • So far, it’s an overwhelming yes on the City of Bozeman Trails and Parks Bond.

A big thank you to our in house news guru, Colleen O'Quinn for gathering all of this info.  We will keep you up to date on all your election results as the day goes on!